A new favorite in our family! Beautiful pictures, fun voices, and a really sweet story. I especially love that it's an active story about making something and finding your path. This book is the perfect blend of lessons to learn and simply letting loose. It's a hoot! Looking forward to the next book! -- Emily 

Brothers T(h)ree Fort is a heartwarming tale of three brothers who realize their own special and unique talents thanks to the help of their Grammy and Gramps. The authors of this book are real-life Grammies giving real-life perspective on the depth of a grandparent's love. In this story, after feeling like he's too young to really have a part in helping out his big brothers, little Asher gains a sense of his own abilities thanks to his Grammy's concern for his hurt feelings. 

Christina S.

A wonderful story to share with children! The tale is very easy to relate to. The plot offers a great spring board for talking about feelings, empathy and problems solving with young readers. The project included at the end of the book is both easy to make and fun to play with.  Great illustrations!

Carol P.

Captures the special adventures of playing with your grandparents  and getting lost in your imagination- Maggie S


Dear Laura Elizabeth,

Thank you for drawing such great pictures in this book! The drawings match right up with the words. In my opinion, for children seeing the pictures is as important as seeing the words.

Elijah H.

This books checks all boxes for all ages.  The story is captivating and will have every child wide eyed wondering and excited to see the next page.  The illustrations capture the eye and the story is fun, entertaining and has kid’s imagination running wild.  The best part of the book is it adds an easy to do step by step activity. Not only are readers connecting while reading, they can then get up, get active and reenact the activity and book together!  Pure genius. These books are the perfect gift for any child. 

Billy S.

  This book has a story, craft, and activity all built in to one well written, and beautifully illustrated book!-Michele O