We are up and running and so grateful to be finally here! The process has been challenging and very fun. The learning curve has been steep but we have loved the process of creating a website and now a blog. We look forward to getting to know more about you as we move forward.

Both of us are with our grands frequently and sometimes our activities get repetitive and sometimes, frankly, stale. We feel that this series of books will bring about some new opportunities and adventures for all of us grandparents and the little characters in our world. Projects ahead are dinosaur hats, fishing poles and bird feeders, just to name a few. This month we would love to share YOUR pictures of YOUR tree forts so please mail us at nanananawhoohoo@gmail.com. And once you get your shooters made, send us the photos of your crew with them too. We'd love to include them.

We have a few brief comments on the Marshmallows Shooters. Our grands were shooting them over our home! The roof was covered with marshmallows in the afternoon and by morning, every last one was gone! When can you do a project and not worry about it picking up? The birds, squirrels and chipmunks will deal with that. Now, what to do if you live in frozen tundra territory and can't get outside without fracturing a hip? We recommend lining up some cups of hot chocolate on the kitchen counter and turning it into a contest to see who can land the marshmallows in the cup. Or use pom poms and try to land things into a bowl or bucket across the living room. Have the kids pick up the pom poms in groups of 10's and work on some math skills. 10...20...30... Just be sure you are always supervising the kids with these as you don't want to have your entire household launched into the yard! (We both have a few grands that would and could easily do that, if left alone--seriously!)

Enjoy! Send us your photos that we can share!!!!!

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