On A Limb

Wow. What a season we’ve had. In the midst of releasing our first book we ran into a wall called FLU SEASON! So many of our grandkids have been diagnosed with strep throat, roto-virus (stomach flu) and now a long line of respiratory viruses appearing from every corner of the land! This year's flu season has been a doozy in Wisconsin! And while Margaret and I pride ourselves on our superior disease fighting skills…. we have loss several battles this winter. Such is family life. We gather for a birthday party or sporting event and 24 hours later a group text goes around that child “X” has a fever and has puked 8 times since leaving us. Margaret comes from a family of 15 kids and when a flu season like this comes along, the legend of her amazing parents grows even bigger. Can you imagine? And yet... we aren't really complaining because there is no finer group of people to share germs with than our families!

If you are under the weather and want to get lost for a while, google tree forts! MIND BLOWING! Pinterest is a total time sink of tree fort ideas. We are sure that several of the ones featured have Viking ranges and granite counter tops.

We nanas voted this one as our favorite!

It calls for more imagination and has so much more DIY potential. A child could take a paint brush or a bucket of nails to customize this one!

Send us your favorite tree fort and we'll share it! nanananawhoohoo@gmail.com.

Stay healthy!!!

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