I Wonder Where The Birdie Is?

Margaret went for a walk with Bill last week and besides seeing robins on every lawn, they spotted orioles! Actually, they heard the different warble, before they saw the orange bird.

Here in Wisconsin, orioles usually appear in May. This is shocking and rather exciting. But, Margaret knows birds! I have totally faith in her. So… oranges and jelly cups are out. Slightly frozen… but out and we wait with excitement. Could spring be coming?

We humbly suggest that you teach the love of birds to your kids. It’s very similar to the current fad of hunting for Pokémon. But bird watching is a much healthier form of this modern day hide and seek. Searching for Pokémon takes one into crowded parks and public places with faces buried in the screen.

By observing birds, one is looking outward. We look out a window at the feeder in winter or if the weather is good…in trees and in the nature surrounding us. Soon we can open windows and add the joy of hearing them too! Bird watching helps us empty our random and chaotic thoughts and our heads becomes quiet. We become part of the silence.

Bird watching sharpens your eyes. It sharpens ears. It actually is proven to raise your I.Q. It sharpens observation skills. It can be done alone or together with eyes up to the trees and sky. What a gift to give a child.

If you don’t have a bird feeder, may we suggest that you take your Brothers T(h)ree Fort marshmallow shooters and blast some mini marshmallows out onto the lawn and just observe what happens over the course of a few hours, a day and overnight. Who comes to eat the marshmallows?

Give the wee ones in your life the joy of being present in nature!!!

#birds #birdwatching #nature

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