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January 18, 2017

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April 11, 2017

So…. About that teachers convention with 700 teachers attending and all the books we were going to sell…………… NOT!


First the negatives.

  • We didn’t sell too many, or to be totally honest, hardly any books.  This is our booth and this is how darned excited we were on opening night with our cute matching aprons and all the cute letters, posters and kid touches.  (That's all Margaret!) 

  • 20 teachers passed by on Friday night, not 700, and we sold ONE book. Next to our table was a toy store with lots of sensory things to touch and mold.  We looked like chopped liver next to all that glittery, fancy, man-made “sand” that will probably lead to a major cancer crisis…. because it’s all fake and smells “chemically.”  But, we kept hearing that  it is “gluten free!?!?"   WTW?


Now, the positives.

  • We have our booth designed for all events going forward. Done.

  • We met and talked to some lovely ladies that are part of our Wisconsin writing society. They also had booths at the event and they gave us moral support and some pearls of wisdom. 

  • We learned that neither of us are cut out to sit at a table and wile away the hours.  Isn’t there something that needs cleaning? A nose to wipe? A  diaper to change?  Both of us are conditioned to move about, not sit! Geez!

  • Our hubbies met us Friday night after we were finished and took us to Rushing Waters for dinner, many cocktails, and their usual sweet pep talks.   We have really nice husbands.

  • Saturday we increased our sales by a lot.   (We sold three more books)  May we point out that two of our sales were to presenters at the conference.  Both teacher educators!   They saw the value.  One even asked if we would consider coming to their college and presenting the book and marshmallow shooters.  YES! 

By 1 pm we were a train wreck.  No one was coming through the hall and we couldn’t stand another second of this torture.  It was a beautiful spring day that needed celebration and Patty started using a four letter word, that rhymes with duck, on an all too regular basis. (Under her breathe, of course).  We needed out!

So here’s where the story gets SUPER positive….

  • We passed two estate sales on the way home.   Patty found this for the kid’s bunk room at the cottage.     $3.00!


Margaret found  two drawers to use as plantar boxes and a chef apron for her son, Danny.  She spent a little more but we agreed that she  found cooler things. 


 And here’s where it gets even better.   

  • We stopped at Elegant Farmer and bought a pie for a cookout that we are invited to later that night.  We played cards and hung out with people that loved us even though we bombed our first convention.

So all in all, it’s a good tale.   We are now banking all our hopes on the S.A.F.E. Family Fun Day at Lisbon Park on  April 29th.  There should be a lot of families and kids.  We had another great adventure, that ended well.  God is good!  We will TRY, TRY, AGAIN!





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