May Is The New December

May is the new December. That is one of the many “mama truisms” uttered by the late Mickey Adams. And she should know as she was mother to 15 wonderful kids, including Nana Margaret Solberg.

Don’t you feel frazzled?

So much happens in May. Communions. Confirmations. Graduations. School concerts. Plays. Field trips. Collections for end-of-year gifts. Work. Sporting events and end of the season tournaments. Track meets. Mother’s Day. Garlic mustard termination. Dandelion control. Lawn work. Weeding. Changing out the closet from winter to summer clothes. (Oh, and everyone has outgrown their clothes.) Wedding gifts? What to wear? Husband (not named to protect him) chain saws the entire yard so there is major logging required in the "free time."

Life just comes at you, faster and faster and faster in May. And if it wasn’t so darn beautiful as the earth wakes up from its long winter nap, we would have moved to Cancun to "work" as mimes. And not leave a forwarding address. Each day brings new beauty and every step brings us closer to the slower pace of summer life. Inhale the little moments for now......

This week as you race to a soccer field smell the lilacs, or notice the trillium.

As you dig up the dandelions… notice the earth worms or birds! Savor the little moments because that is all that May will allow you! Little moments.

Hang in there. One step at a time. Deep breaths. Summer is ahead!

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