Ok, we are not being very productive. Summer is busting our chops in the writing and publishing department. But, we are living large and loving it. These are some of our excuses!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

97 year old matriarch, Mimi

Strawberry Picking

(or should we call this strawberry eating!)

Stack Farm,LLC

is getting ready to host a big farm-to -table dinner on the farm! The family has been busy preparing the farm for this big showcase event! Pictured is Family and Friends eating Lunch on a Farm Work Day!


At Vines and Rushes Vineyard. Adults were in the tasting room and one designated responsible adult is flying kites with the kids. Hiccup!!!

Margaret's Farm Family!


(#8 for Margaret!)

U-19 Mens National Champions!

Margaret's son, Billy, is the co-owner and a coach of the FC Wisconsin Soccer Club. This is one of 4 FC teams that went to the National playoffs! Amazing!!!


85th time on "Gramatron" or more commonly known as the Gravitron. According to the kids, the "magnets" hold you to the wall as it spins wildly around. Note: Physics aren't their strong suit!

This is just a small snapshot of what is happily sidelining us! And aren't we all in the same boat? If you'd like to share with us.... What is sidelining you? We'd love to share them!

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