The chill is in the air. Night falls earlier and earlier. The light shines lower. Acorns crunch under our feet. One can’t deny the fact that we are letting go of one season... "falling" into the next!

We've sent our itty bits off to kindergarten or preschool. This has forced another “need to adjust to moment” in our ever changing world. Despite knowing that the children are making new friends and looking forward to the yummy packed lunch with the love note tucked in the bag, doesn’t stop the heart tug. Bittersweet.

Many folks have packed up college kids and are now adjusting to changes in the home. We are glad we don't have to see the sad faces of parents shopping with their college kids at Bed Bath and Beyond anymore. The anticipation of the moment is over and the kids are adjusting to college and parents are settling into a more quiet home life. But checking phones every 5 minutes for that occasionally text they share from college. Bittersweet.

We’ve also said goodbye to some of our beloved and most frequent summer visitors, too. More letting go.

We loved seeing our summer birds daily! Their beauty and timely visits will be missed. We loved hearing the grandchildren shouting with joy “Grammy, a hummingbird!" “Grammy, another hummingbird!" “Bopper, there’s 2 and now 3!” “Grammy, they’re sitting on your bird swing!” (Note: That is at Margarets house, who is a professional bird feeder. At Patty's house you hear, "Grandma, the feeder is empty again!" or "The chipmunks ate the oriole's jelly pots.... again.")

The cooler nights have arrived and the hummers have sipped every last drop of food and they are off! We are glad they fueled up for their journey!

We will anticipate the spring return of our hummers by preparing a feast! It will be with brilliantly colored flowers with tubulars full of nectar! There will be a rainbow of impatiens and petunias! Perennials will abound with bee balms, columbines, and daylilies galore! All the feeders will be topped off with their favorite "cocktail," no bitters, just sweets!

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