Hands of Love

As young girls, we were first informed of the connection between hands and love by the noted musical philosophers, the Beatles, exclaiming “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. In those innocent days, hand-holding was an important step in boy-friending. We can’t recall if it was even “first base” then, but it was important to us

Holding hands while exchanging marital vows seems the ultimate in hand-holding and some of the best wedding pictures give evidence to hands in love.

Growing into mommas, as our children grew, we found holding the hand of our kids as they ventured off to kindergarten was an important step in their growth. The security communicated seems at first to be for our toddlers, but it is also for momma-security.

Momma hands have oh-so-many opportunities to express love, from changing diapers, to feeling foreheads for temperature, to sewing (buttons anyway), to all those meals cooked. Momma hands are 24/7 involved in practical delivery of love.

As momma’s, we have developed a momma version of the secret hand-shake to our children. Three squeezes communicate “ I….Love….You”, one squeeze for each word. This momma secret handshake can be given to a child who is waiting to speak to a momma involved in a conversation, or in church when quiet is the norm, or even during a movie to comfort during a scary scene.

As older mommas, all-too-often our hand-holding is to show love to aging parents -- holding hands of comfort to provide a most heart-felt message of love. Sometimes hand-holding is the best communication with parents as they are in failing health. In fact, recently Jimmy Fallon shared his three- squeeze message to his mother in her dying time.

Now we are often struck by hands in love with grandchildren, one grandbaby in particular seems to require at least a grand’s finger to wrap his little hand around in order to sink into sleep.

Of course, as authors, a more general function of hands is to turn our stories into love shared with others through writing stories. Writing hands have the chance to connect love to so many more people and as Nanna’s we pledge to continue this sharing of love as well.

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