Nana Nana Summer SheNANAgans

It’s only the beginning of July; but the kids are saying they are bored! WHAT??? Well, it’s time to call Grandma and ask her to come over for a play date. An awesome Grandma will bring her bag of marbles, including the crystals, cats-eyes and boulders. Also, ask her to bring the bag of jacks, jump ropes for double-dutch, and her container of chalk for hopscotch and other fun sidewalk games and art.

Grandma, if you don’t have any of these stored away, it’s good to know you can order these items on Amazon or go to your local "dime store" where you can still purchase all of the above. And if you don’t have any of them, look for a tree that the grandkids can climb or make a tent out of an old bed sheet! A long time personal favorite is hand clapping games. They are fun and it doesn’t require a battery or a screen!!

Grandma (and others) here are some good websites to help refresh your memory and/or learn some new songs and games.

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