The Charity Apple Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree

One afternoon, while we were sitting around laughing and talking about our new book, Annie’s Awesome Terrible Troublesome Hair, we talked about our grandchildren going back to school and some of the fun things we did with them during the summer. We shared all the enjoyable events from the cottage, fishing, State Fair, water parks and the lemonade stand the kids ran by themselves. Our hearts were filled with pride because our grandchildren, decided to give their earnings to a local meal program. We were also happy that we snuck some math into the summer as they figured out that they could buy 16, #10 size cans of vegetables from their profits.

The more we thought about it, we realized the charity apple didn’t fall far from the tree. We both remembered that when we were kids, we ordered a Muscular Dystrophy Carnival packet. We continued to laugh and bring up all the activities we had for our carnivals. We remember clearly waiting for the packet to come in the mail with our name on it -- that alone was exciting! After making posters and hanging them on the nearest telephone poles and decorating with balloons and crepe paper, we were ready for the big day! Wow, to think face- painting, watching a puppet show, apple- bobbing, throwing a ball into a hula hoop, dropping clothes pins into a glass milk bottle and doing the limbo was only 1 ticket for 5 cents! Kool-Aid was only 5 cents and add a bag of popcorn for another nickel -- such a deal! For months before, we had saved Cracker Jack trinkets for the winners of events. At the end, we enjoyed counting up all the change and turning it into paper money and sending it in a special envelope back to Muscular Dystrophy! We still miss Jerry Lewis.

Our kids’ lemonade stand takes the place of carnivals today. I am not sure we would have had enough Cracker Jack to meet the prize quotas anyway.

This picture is an original from one of our Muscular Dystrophy Carnivals - any guesses of who's who?

Can you find the NaNa?

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