Spark That Imagination?

Recently we were reviewing our latest book: Annie's Awesome Terrible Troublesome Hair! We were double-checking that the text and the illustrations from the book would spark the imagination. (We’d like to believe our own imagination skills are still functioning!) This skill is not always easy when writing a story without the pictures - our imaginations are stretched to their maximum. Our awesome illustrator, Brigid Malloy, has done an incredible job on our new book! The excitement we have right now is almost unbearable. The learning process has become a little easier after writing and publishing our first book Brothers T(h)ree Fort, which will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Speaking about sparking the imagination, we have a spectacular holiday gift idea for you. Brothers T(h)ree Fort would be a great gift along with this “Fort Kit”! It’s a fantastic combination gifts available to spark the imagination of your own children, grandchildren and friends. We are including the directions and the supplies needed to make this kit, in case you are ahead of the game and want to start working on these kits for Christmas. You can find our book on our website. https://www.nanananawhohoo.netour-books

Imagine creating this tent and reading books with headlamps or telling stories with your grandchildren. Don’t forget making those s’mores (in the microwave), popping popcorn and mixing hot cocoas.

Fort Kit Supplies

~ medium size duffel bag with luggage tag saying “Fort Kit” or personalize with family name

~ clamps and clothespins (can be purchased at a dollar store)

~ rope cut in different lengths

~ old sheets (can be purchased at a resale shop) cloth or ribbon tabs can be sewn on

the corners of each sheet)

~ headlamps or flashlights

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