An Exciting New Arrival!

We were feeling a little like small, antsy children again, waiting for that special day: Birthday, Christmas or the first day of vacation! We eagerly jumped in the SUV to pick up our brand-new shiny book, just a few hours away in Stevens Point. We were especially pleased to “Print Local” using the family-based, employee owned Worzala company.

The excitement of getting our hands on the books extended to getting our hands on snacks as we drove – eating out of excitement rather than hunger. “Are we there yet?” The sense of touch has been important in creating our books. We are passionate about parents and grandparents holding the books, feeling the texture of the cover and paper, touching and turning real pages. Touch involves cuddling with children on laps, sometimes with children also helping to turn pages.

We include projects that involve touch in creating things, such as glittery slime and silly pictures in this book. Marshmallow shooters were projects of our first book.

So, the miles melted away and we arrived at the printer and found that a thousand hardcover books are a significant cargo. We carefully loaded the car and restrained ourselves from touching the actual book for just a minute or two. We pulled away from the printer and stopped to rip open a box to examine our work. Touching the book and seeing the artwork as if for the first time was as exciting as we imagined.

Please watch our blog and Facebook post for our book signing events and book release dates. It may only be a short time before you are cuddling with small children sharing the beautiful art and the fun story. You will find the whole thing very "touching".

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